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    e*telpals project
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  • Project summary: 

    Borne out the success of the 'Telpal' project, Shine Solutions proposed the development of 'e*telpals', a similar concept, but utilizing the Internet. The e*telpals project is centered on encouraging and promoting communication, education and the learning experience through technology.

    Using the Internet, young South Africans have the opportunity to make electronic friends in a safe, fun and educational environment. The project was initially aimed at Telkom Foundation Schools, but has since extended into the general community.

  • Scope of services: 

    Initially, Shine Solutions was responsible for the development of the project concept, the structure of the on-line environment and the provision of all educational content. Once launched, Shine Solutions role extended to the maintenance and monitoring of the site, the ongoing provision of educational content and the promotion of the site, including road shows, demonstrations and displays.

    Through quantitative and qualitative research and monitoring, Shine Solutions has been involved in the ongoing assessment of the impact the project has had on its target market relative to the project aims.

  • Achievements: 

    • Pioneering project that crossed all cultural, ethnic and geographical boundaries.
    • Registration of over 10 000 e*telpals nationally.
    • The inclusion and training of thousands of previously disadvantaged learners.
    • The reinforcement of Telkom as a responsible leader in the provision of technology to South Africans.
    • The successful dissemination of educational tools to learners.
    • Varied media exposure.