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    My Future, My Career
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    The My Future, My Career programme aims to provide learners in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 with the opportunity to gain insight into a wide range of careers available to them. Utilising cinemas as theatres of learning, the project hosts previously disadvantaged Secondary School Learners in a series of career education screenings at Ster-Kinekor cinema complexes nationwide. A large amount of information in various fields of study is communicated through this unique medium. Each broadcast comprises a hosted panel-type discussion with academics and professionals from each featured industry. Information communicated includes guides to choosing the right career, industry based career profiling, institutional entrance requirements, bursary information and contact information. By choosing careers that will alert them to opportunities in varying (and perhaps neglected) fields, this project aims to inspire the youth to play a key role in overcoming the current and projected skills shortage and the high rate of unemployment in South Africa.

  • Scope of services: 

    Shine Solutions scope of services included concept development, project planning, stakeholder engagement and management (including departmental), content development and printing, national school and learner management, event management and coordination of transport.

  • Responsibilities: 

    • Compile and prepare the event content upon which the broadcasts are based;
    • Procure panellists to present the lectures;
    • Provide hosts at each of the cinemas where events are held:
    • Manage attendance and registration prior to and at events;
    • Provide supervision at events;
    • Procure and compile printed material for attendees;
    • Provide and compile content for summary notes in respect of each of the subjects covered;
    • Procure the printing and distribution of printed content, summary notes and third party material to the cinemas;
    • Distribute all printed and other material;
    • Ensure that learners are aware of and are invited to the Events using the appropriate educational structures at both provincial and national government;
    • To enlist the support of the Department of basic Education;
    • To compile qualitative feedback for client.