top security

  • Top Against Drugs and Violence Launch Phase

  • Project information
  • Client: 

    Top Security
  • Project name: 

    Top Against Drugs and Violence – Launch Phase
  • Project detail
  • Project summary: 

    In response to the growing number of violent incidents in schools and the increased exposure of our school going youth to drugs, Top Security launched the "Top Against Drugs and Violence Campaign" In order to ensure that the vital message of this initiative reaches as many learners, educators and parents as possible, Top Security hosted individual evening presentations and talks in schools about drugs and drug abuse. Included in these presentations was the distribution of educational resource material.

  • Scope of services: 

    Shine Solutions was contracted to perform 2 critical tasks during the launch of the Top Against Drugs and Violence Campaign; Accessing and lobbying the support of The Department of Education and managing the relationship with pre-selected schools around Gauteng.

  • Responsibilities: 

    Following the launch, Shine Solutions was responsible for all school communication including: Invitations to schools; communication with schools and community stakeholders; briefing stakeholders; booking and confirming presentations and reporting to all stakeholders.

  • Achievements: 

    • 20 Secondary Schools attended launch in March 2007 Johannesburg Junior Mayor guest speaker at launch