History Shine Solutions

Shine Solutions History

“I like dreams of the future better
than the history of the past.”
Thomas Jefferson


Shine Solutions is a company borne out of the passion of its members to affect positive change in South Africa.

Whilst completing studies in unrelated fields, the founders of the company identified a great need to share experience and knowledge with citizens living in the aftermath of apartheid.

Using 30 years of combined experience in youth development, they created a series of life skills programmes, focussed on skills that are not taught in the formal schooling system.

After testing these programmes in a few key areas and seeing excellent results, they set out to visit historically disadvantaged schools all around Gauteng. As the initiative grew, funding became an imperative.

In 2001, a high-profile Public Relations agency heard about the work undertaken by the individuals and consequently introduced them to what was to become their first corporate client.

This lead to the formalisation of Shine Solutions, a company that today helps government and medium-to-large organisations realise their social upliftment, skills development and enterprise development objectives.