Our Team

Shine Solutions Team

“Simply being with other people who are
also seekers and who are involved in the
same quest you are is very meaningful.”
Dan Wakefield


  • Anthony Rosmarin, 41 years of age, has extensive training in the field of informal education. He is a founding member of Shine Solutions and currently heads up the creative divisions of the company. He has participated in youth activities since 1986 and attended the International Youth Leaders from Abroad training programme in 1992. He has performed numerous education summer and winter camps both in South Africa and Australia in the field of informal education. Anthony specialises in the strategic development of innovative, education based initiatives. He is qualified with a BSc. (Hons.) Construction Management.


  • Brett Caminsky, aged 42, has been involved in informal education for approximately 14 years. He is a founding member of Shine Solutions and is responsible for the financial, administrative and project management aspects of the business. He attended the Youth Leaders from Abroad programme in 1990 and has since been involved in planning and executing leadership programmes for South African youth. He was intensively involved in youth educational activities on relevant topics from politics to social awareness issues. Brett was the national education coordinator of a youth movement in 1993 and was national chairperson of the same organisation in 1994. Brett is a qualified Optometrist (RAU).


  • Thomas Taole, 43 years old, has worked extensively with youth since 1988 both in Bloemfontein and Johannesburg. He is a founding member of Shine Solutions and is responsible for community-based projects. Thomas' nature and background have allowed him to become involved with young South Africans both on and off the sports field. He uses the tools of informal education to interact and work with these children in the framework of youth groups, projects and as a professional soccer and Playball coach. He is a highly dynamic and motivated individual. Thomas has a degree in sports management.